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With our all-natural Driftwood Sleep Aid, you can take charge of your mental and emotional wellbeing, and enjoy a vibrant, energized life!

Crafted to help you find relief from depression and insomnia, our unique Driftwood Tincture is a blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically to help calm your mind, improve your mood, and promote restful sleep.
Catnip, Chamomile, Mint, and Oat Straw have calming properties that work to soothe the mind, helping to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Skullcap helps to regulate mood and boost energy, while Saint Johns and Passionflower work together to induce a state of relaxation, encouraging restful sleep.
Our all-natural Driftwood is made without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. Gentle and non-addictive it can provide you with the support you need to achieve optimal sleep if you suffer with your mental and emotional well-being.
With our natural formula, you can experience a sense of calm, reduce feelings of sadness or anxiety, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Suitable for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or insomnia and great for those looking for a natural and effective alternative to traditional treatments.
Order today and experience the power of our all-natural depression and insomnia relief blend.
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This item is NOT pregnancy safe, please ask for an alternative at checkout via the notes section.

Relaxing blend of sedative herbs and flowers that support sleep and deep slumber. Non habit forming, safe for adults and children. Can be taken before bed or if you wake up to help you fall back asleep. Best taken 3-5 days in a row then take a break to adjust.

Ingredients: *Catnip, *Chamomile, *Mint, *Oat Straw, *Skullcap, *Saint Johns, *Passionflower & Non-Gmo Glycerin Water.

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Additional product info:

About our tinctures…

All of our tinctures are made with an organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced glycerin base that is NOT made from coconut or soy which many people are allergic to.

Our tincturing process:

All our products start out with organic flowers, herbs and spices sourced from small farms all over the world. These blends are gently heated to extract the most medicinal healing properties from each plant ally. Unlike many herbalists, I choose NOT to use alcohol for my products. In my opinion, aside from its shelf life giving properties, I find it to be a bit harsh and unnecessary. Using glycerin makes my tinctures naturally tasty and easy to take making them great for both kids and adults. I also cater to many NA and AA folks who can’t use alcohol, even though you will find more alcohol content in a ripe banana than a dose of most alcohol infused tinctures. The glycerin I use is organic, non-GMO and sustainably sourced. It is NOT made from coconut or soy which many people are allergic to. This glycerin base works well to extract the water, oil and alcohol soluble properties from the flowers, herbs and spices. When used and stored properly, my products can last up to 1 year out of the sun and away from moisture.


Binford’s All Naturals uses only natural and or organic ingredients and makes no guarantee that products will be well tolerated. Binfords is NOT responsible for any adverse reactions to any products. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate any of these products, please know your allergies and ask if you are unsure about any product ingredients. All tincture ingredients are available via email, and they are listed on every bottle. Due to the nature of the raw ingredients used in all our products, slight changes in the scent and/or texture of product batches may occur, but our formulas, methods and the effectiveness of our products remain the same. Initial quality is guaranteed and insured; however, mishandling and improper use may result in damage or spoilage.

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  Pregnant and nursing women should research or avoid essential oil use, but Binfords only uses pregnancy safe oils and dilutions.

Additional information

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13 reviews for Driftwood PM Support

  1. Lilin Laga

    Have been using this tincture since last year. I suffer from really bad insomnia & this has helped me greatly. Within 30 minutes I am out and wake up feeling very rested not groggy. I’m not a huge fan of pharmaceuticals & am more into holistic healing. This tincture has been a lifesaver. I have been paying it forward and telling all my friends & family. The customer service is also amazing. Very friendly, knowledgeable and responds quickly. Def. Recommends to all.

  2. Erin

    I have a few tinctures from Binford’s All Naturals but Drift Wood has become my all time favorite. I take it every night before going to bed & my sleep has improved immensely! I’m so happy with this!

  3. Azia

    I truly love Ash, she is amazing. My tincture is fabulous. It taste good. It smells good. It works great! The packaging is beautiful. I fell in love with my order. Customer service is what makes this shop better then the rest. It was a whole health experience – one that I walked away from smiling and feeling good about. I’m already ready to buy more all natural health remedies and skin care goodies!! ?????

  4. Erin

    Driftwood Nighttime Tincture is a repeat buy for me. Unfortunately, after I had run out of the 1st bottle, I was unable to repurchase it right away. I noticed a huge decline in the quality of my sleep since running out. I knew it was one of those items that you save money for to be able to buy it again. I’m so glad to have it back in my life! If you have trouble falling asleep because you can’t quiet the chatter of your brain or stress, you NEED this! As a bonus, I was also sent a sample of soap (I tried this morning & I LOVE!), Wide Eyed Lid Brow & Lash Salve & Moon time Tea. I’m so excited to try everything & review them. I just had a birthday Oct 31st so even though the freebies were sent purely out of Ashley’s kindness, it was a great addition to my birthday goodies. XOXO -Erin

  5. Kristine

    Have been using this the past two night and definitely stops me from reviewing my “to-do” list in the middle of the night. I feel more rested in the morning too! Ashley is so caring and a joy to work with! Thank you!

  6. Chelsea

    This has helped me so much! I have been sleeping so well since I started using it and I can really feel the calming effects. I recommend it!

  7. Veronica

    This is my second time repurchasing this set after receiving a set in a giveaway. They work amazingly! I will repurchase as long as this lovely lady makes it! I own several other products from the shop as well and they are all awesome!

  8. Kristina

    I can’t sleep without it now, second time purchasing!

  9. Nari

    The daytime/nighttime tinctures are amazing!! I’ve only been using them for a few days now but I can see a difference with my anxiety as well as my sleep. I really do sleep like a log with the nighttime tincture! I definitely would recommend purchasing these!

  10. Kristine

    Love everything she makes! Going to let my mom try the driftwood so she can sleep at night.

  11. Cheryl

    This is my second time ordering from Binfords and I am truly thankful that I’ve found these tinctures! They have worked wonders for my anxiety and have helped me get some great restful sleep as well! Highly recommend this shop! ??

  12. Sarah

    Absolutely love Ashley Binford’s products, particularly her Driftwood tincture. Highly recommended for those with insomnia whether it be due to anxiety or in my case severe pain. They even taste good! Thank you so very much!❤️🙏

  13. Jodie

    Beautiful Miss Binford is wonderful. I received my Driftwood nighttime anxiety tincture right on time. My current sleep “routine” is fairly screwed, so I don’t take this every night as I don’t want to make this my regular. But, when I do take it, I definitely sleep longer and deeper. While I can’t speak to whether it helps fall asleep faster, I am definitely better able to meditate once I take it, which also leads to better rest. I highly recommend her products, and am excited to try her moontime tincture as well!

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