Binford's Story

With love, nearly 6 years ago Ms. Binford started casting plant magic. Using dried flowers, herbs and spices "Ms. B" was able to create whimsical healing products safe for nearly everyone. Simple and natural, these organic recipes helped aid in her wellness journey. After much personal success, she eventually shared her concoctions with family and friends. Thrilled to see the same healing results, this led Ms. B to start working with mother nature, healing herself and others through her internationally known online apothecary, Binford's All Naturals.

Now, with several lines now for the Mind, Body and Soul, her products go way beyond skin deep treatments, but rather deeply heal and move the soul to connect with nature.

What started out as a few natural lifestyle changes for Ms. B quickly turned into a passion for co-creating with Mother Nature and Father Time.

If you're having no success with conventional medications and treatments for your ailments it might be time to give Binford's All Naturals a try.


Meet the Creator

Be Beautifully YOU naturally, with Binford's All Natural Remedies.

"It's time we all use the healing powers of nature to balance our health & wellness while getting in tune with Mother Earth's cycles and rhythms. It is only through our connection to her spirit and Source energy that we can truly begin to heal. " -Ashley Binford Creator / Owner


Ashley Binford

Owner / Creator

Ashley is a spirit led intuitive healer. Working with plant energy, metaphysics and symbolism (tarot, affirmation, numerology, oracle & more) for the last ten years, she has developed a deeper connection to the land and our creator (known as source energy) which is available to all those willing to look deeper within and notice their oneness to the earth.

Working with source energy, Ashley has co-created a new way of life for herself and others. Losing 100lbs naturally, she was able to completely change her outlook on life and how to heal the heart, mind body and soul. Through natural health and wellness practices she healed herself from within using potent plants and raw organic ingredients. Beating her inner and outer battles utilizing the power of medicinal plants, Ashley has now helped not only herself but many others too, including family and friends.

With remedies to naturally combat a wide range of ailments from anxiety, depression and fatigue to acne, IBS and even insomnia, she has now started her own line of natural wellness products for the Mental, Physical & Spiritual Wellbeing of all.