This is your one stop shop for things all natural. Made with love & magic, Binfords is a mostly organic bath, beauty & wellness brand that infuses metaphysical & psychic insight into their brand. In business for over 7 years, Binfords is here to support your mental, physical & emotional needs.

With a wide range of products (over 100) and offerings: from individual readings to 1:1 mentorships, Binford's has something for everyone.

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Our customers and clients make this brand what it is. Without their dedication to the brand, support on social media and returning business, Binfords would not be the success it is today.




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6 thoughts on “REVIEWS”

  1. Anyone suffering from Chronic Pain Syndrome, PCOS, ENDO, MIGRAINES, MCTD, FIBRO, & a mirad of other health issues should REALLY give Ashley’s XXX salve or ointment a try! As a sufferer myself, sick of medications that just don’t work, her products have helped me without any side effects! You apply it right where you need it and within 15 minutes, GOODBYE PAIN!
    And the best part, I GET AWESOME SOFT SKIN!
    Thank You Ashley, for coming into my life AND taking CARE of what Drs couldn’t!

  2. I absolutely love shopping with Ash, and supporting her extraordinary business. She is truly of one the most caring people I have ever met. She always goes beyond to make sure I’m taken care of, and has always went out of her way to work with my budget—which has been a beautiful blessing. I freaking love her products, and so far my favorites have been *due to my needs* the Calm Seas (for anxiety), the booster shot, and Cold + Flu Tincure w Elderberry. These have been lifesavers on so many occasions. My mom even had my little brother on the booster shot during flu season and he did not get sick once (which was very miraculous in his case) he started taking it regularly. Same with me. I highly reccomend supporting this talented & beautiful soul, her business is really about helping people to achieve a healthy state of not just body, but mind & soul as well. Her metaphysical products/services such as the elemental oils & sprays help me get grounded when I drift off into the clouds, not to mention; her readings (astrology + cards) have helped me grasp on a universal scale the bigger picture of who I am as a person, and how I can better the present by working with Spirit to co-create my reality.

  3. I found Binford’s when she was still living in Oregon. Her page just radiates energy and then I was selected for a reading and became part of her cosmic update members. Ashley is one of the sweetest most giving people I’ve ever talked to. As for products I swear by her xxx lube. I used to get major yeast infections. Using that during sex I haven’t had one in 8 months! Her cold and flu bundle is worth every penny. It has kept me from getting sick durning my travels which I was very prone to. Don’t eat the soap! It smells so amazing you totally want to take a bite out of it.

  4. Daily Dose, Booster Shot and In Foucs are daily MUST haves. Honestly I’ve tried mostly everything and its ALL amazing from the Tinctures, Face oils and Candles to the Amazing personalized readings!! This women and the Magical Love she infuses in these products give me LIFE!! I will NEVER go without them again! ???
    Get you some of that Magic!

  5. If you love natural remedies Binford’s is for you! Ashley is incredible and provides the most amazing customer support and even does custom requests. Her company gives back and I received financial relief assistance firsthand… I was able to keep my water and electric bill up to date because of this wonderful company.

    As far as the products go.. OH MY GOD! THE QUALITY! And the price is truly unmatched. You can tell she truly just wants to get her amazing products to the people who need them, she puts people over profit. I keep about 20 tinctures, 5 mists, 7 rollers on deck at all times. I’m also a HUGE fan of her body and face oils. The Sensually Sutra Aphrodisiac Massage Oil has become my standard post-shower moisturizer as well as the Ultimately Essential Face Serum. You guys, the florals are UNREAL!! Binford’s products have become part of my self care ritual and honestly make me feel like a damn queen.

    Just try 1 product if you’re curious, you’ll not go back to anything else.

  6. I absolutely LOVE Binford’s. I use Happy Hormones, In Focus, and Love Potion every single day. Every single tincture I’ve used so far has truly helped me out. Love Potion in particular has helped me a lot. It does help with moisture (though that is not a problem for me) and I get horny more. Also, using Love Potion AND Happy Hormones has put me in an overall positive mood lately. Once you try Binford’s there’s no going back!

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