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In shades of brilliant red, pure white, mellow yellow or in more vibrant hues like orange, and blush pink too, roses have captured the hearts of many for over 5 thousand years. Delicate velvety soft petals unfold to reveal one of lifes most precious gems. With thorny stems that protect, it seems mother nature personally boobie trapped these botanical treasures. Admired for both their beauty and intoxicating scent, roses are a versatile plant that has magic pulsing through its entire aura.
Coming in so many varieties (over 150 known species) roses aren’t just lush red or even white these days as many have taken to mixing various colors creating new blends and even scents. And they aren’t as exotic as you think, no, roses actually grow wild nearly all over the world. Traditionally roses were used in love spells but have also found their way into spells for luck and abundance. At one time used to symbolize nobility, the real power or magic of the rose as I said is in its aura or essence. Not so much it’s actual presence.
One healing meditation I like to practice with roses is simple and fun to do weekly or whenever you need a tune up.
Find a sacred space to take a moment for yourself. After a few deep breaths with exaggerated exhalations or not come to center yourself and close your eyes. Continuing with a normal yogic breath in and out through the nose imagine a HUGE bouquet of roses near you. Don’t fear the stems and try to only focus on the gorgeous petals. Imagine whatever color you like and whatever size you like. As soon as you have your bouquet imagined, start to take the roses and place them all around your personal aura with the stems pointing toward you and the petals outward. In the center of your rose bubble you are highly protected. Throughout your day if you are faced with adversity, disagreeable persons, challenging moments or see someone in need you can simply let go of a rose and allow it’s essence to diffuse any situation. I particularly love to give roses away to new people I meet, the elderly, pregnant wombyn and anyone I see that seems down and out.
Our pure rosewater essence is a great way to physically build your rose wall.


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