Psychic Magic intuition tincture


Psychic Magic intuition tincture: helps connect heart, mind, body and soul.

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This item is NOT pregnancy safe, please ask for an alternative at checkout via the notes section.

Psychic Magic intuition tincture: helps connect heart, mind, body and soul.


Creates harmony and connection to higher self.


Enhances clarity while protecting you as you navigate the astral realms.


Boosts your personal vibration as it cleanses, clears, and blocks negative energy to protect your entity.


Uplifts, invigorates and awakens the mind.


Activates the mind and enhances focus, memory and recall.


Due to the nature of the raw ingredients used in all our products, slight changes in the scent and/or texture of product  batches may occur; however, our formulas, methods and the effectiveness of our products remain the same. Initial quality is guaranteed and insured, while mishandling and improper use may result in damage or spoilage.

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