Hydrating mist inspired by summer, the Garden Fairy Hydrating Mist is a blend of alluring summer florals mixed with vibrant sweet orange and Rose Water.

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Inspired by summer, the Garden Fairy collection is a blend of alluring summer florals mixed with vibrant sweet orange.

Our Hydrating Mist helps to maintain skins natural pH while controlling excess oil and simultaneously moisturizing the skin. It is a great cleanser to use after washing to remove any left over dead skin cells or dirt to avoid clogged pours. It can be used in between washing to cleanse clear or freshen up the skin, it can be used before make up to prep the skin and it can be used after to set makeup and hydrate throughout the day with or without makeup. It is made with Organic Rose Water and Organic Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin.

Jasmine helps to cleanse clear and soothe the skin while also increasing cell renewal to help lighten the appearance of age spots and scars. It also helps with hormonal imbalances and reduces stress levels aromatically.

Honeysuckle helps to gently remove dead skin cells to reveal vibrant younger-looking skin. Anti-inflammatory properties help calm the skin and it can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Lilac is nutrient dense and helps prevent premature aging, giving your skin cells the boost they need to stay vibrant and healthy. Natural astringent properties help tighten the skin, reduce fine lines around the eyes, mouth, jaw and neck and reduce pour size.

Violet is just perfect for those looking to turn back time and reverse the signs of aging and unwind. Great for relieving stress and tension, this blend soothes and calms the skin. It also helps with all kinds of skin conditions too, from eczema and dermatitis to redness and inflammation.

Geranium helps to gently remove dead skin cells, tighten, tone while promoting cellular regeneration. Great for all signs of aging and even acne, it’s great for all ages and stages.

Sweet orange is great for cleansing and clearing up acne prone skin while it simultaneously nourishes dry and irritated skin.


Due to the nature of the raw ingredients used in all our products, slight changes in the scent and/or texture of product  batches may occur; however, our formulas, methods and the effectiveness of our products remain the same. Initial quality is guaranteed and insured, while mishandling and improper use may result in damage or spoilage.

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Binford’s All Naturals uses only natural and or organic ingredients and makes no guarantee that products will be well tolerated and is not responsible for any adverse reactions to any products it sells. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate any of these products, please do a skin patch test first. If, after a skin patch test, you find you are not able to tolerate the product please return it for a full refund. Pregnant and nursing women should research or avoid essential oil or fragrance products all together.


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