Defense: the action of defending from or resisting attack.

-fortifications or barriers against attack.

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Oregano: compound called carvacrol acts fast to reduce viral activity in the body.

Holy basil: antioxidant rich helps detox the body.

Lemon balm: inhibits replication of viruses.

Peppermint: active components menthol and rosmarinic acid fight viral infections.

Rosemary: oleanolic acid helps eliminate harmful bacteria and viral infection while leaving useful bacteria undamaged.

Echinacea: supports immunity via lymphocyte and macrophage activation.

Ginger: boosts body temp while flushing out toxins. It has been said this specific virus doesn’t do well with heat.

Siberian ginseng: compounds called ginsenosides fight viral infections.

Dandelion root: stops replication of virus while supporting immune system.


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