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This item is NOT pregnancy safe, please ask for an alternative at checkout via the notes section.

Our brand new Daily Dose Multivitamin Glycerin Tincture.

Filled with numerous Essential Minerals and Vitamins our new Daily Dose is an organic tincture that will help keep your mind sharp and body healthy. Rich in vitamins A, B 1-2-3-6 & 12, C, D, E and K, it’s also loaded with calcium and potassium, with magnesium and zinc too!

So, if you want better bone and vision health, clearer skin, help with fat elimination and a boost in your energy this tincture might work for you.

Also, great for healthy teeth and gums, really, this multivitamin helps with it all. Boosting your “youthful glow” enhancing collagen levels and your immunity too, this sunshine in a bottle even helps with depressed moods.

Protect your red blood cells and reduce harmful oxidation in the body with this blend that even helps promote a healthy nervous system. Great for PMS sufferers, diabetes prevention and high blood pressure too.

Also, as an antioxidant for the brain, this blend helps with DNA reproduction.

Safe for kids.


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