Helps with: Colds, Cuts & Wounds, Dysmenorrhea, Hypertension, Menorrhagia.

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15 grams roughly .5 ounces

Flower/Herb/Root comes in glass mason jar with decorative lid.

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Achillea millefolium

Helps with: Colds, Cuts & Wounds, Dysmenorrhea, Hypertension, Menorrhagia.

“Preparation Methods & Dosage: Tea can be made from both fresh and dried cut leaves and flower heads. The bitter taste can be masked with sweeter herbs and a bit of honey. Fresh leaves also can be used as a poultice to stop bleeding and chewed to relieve a toothache. Yarrow essential oil is used for external application for many of the same purposes. Yarrow can also be taken as an extract.”

– https://www.anniesremedy.com/achillea-millefolium-yarrow.php

“Yarrow Side Effects: Avoid in pregnancy, can cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive people who suffer from allergies related to the Asteraceae family. Moderation is the key to safe use, the thujone content can be toxic over an extended period of time”

– https://www.anniesremedy.com/achillea-millefolium-yarrow.php


Magical Properties

 “Craft a powder of dried yarrow leaves to stop bleeding. Use it in magical practice to heal wounds that cut to the bone.

-The Herb Crafter’s Tarot

“Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism”

– http://www.earthwitchery.com/herbsp-z.html


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