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New Moon Oil

Life can be a sweet dance if you just follow the rhythm of the moon and let source energy take the lead. All of life is pulled by our magical moon. Its force can’t be denied and connected to it, our powers are multiplied.

This New Moon Oil is the perfect aromatic for enhancing your personal power and manifesting abilities. The moon wants to work with you, through you. So tap into the power of the moon with this expertly designed blend.

The Dark Moon New Moon Oil helps birth new ideas for creation. Bringing clarity to your hopes and dreams, this blend will help you see what it is you want to manifest.

Best used before on or around any New Moon.

Shed light on all that has been tucked away and cast to the dark. Now, fully illuminated you can see there’s more to this reality. Connect with source energy through the use of our Illuminate Full Moon Oil. Full of powerful healing energy, the moon is ready to provide for you. Get ready to receive your hopes and dreams, making your visions reality. Use this oil to ground down your energy while connecting to source energy.

Best used just before, on or just after a Full Moon so you can cleanse, protect and ground down your personal energies as you receive your full moon blessings.

There are many types of sacred oils to use at your altar. They can even be used daily to better promote or metaphysically aid in your witchy / Pagan / Yogic spiritual journey.

I’ve made it easy though, taking the guess work out, by researching and creating several synergy blends for all your sacred altar needs.

*Simple to use, just apply to desired person or object then go on with your preferred ritual or blessing.

*Can be used in a drawn bath to anoint the entire body.


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