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Known as the “Botox flower,” Hibiscus is a wonderful floral for all skin types!

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Known as the “Botox flower,” Hibiscus is a wonderful floral for all skin types!

With antiaging properties, it helps even out skin tone and encourages cell renewal. Acting as a gentle exfoliant it breaks down dead skin cells to purify your pores. It is even an excellent acne treatment that helps reveal smoother skin over time.


In a base of grapeseed oil, this serum will fight the signs of aging naturally. Great for oil cleansing and moisturizing Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamins A, C & E. Soothing to the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is easily absorbed and perfect for all skin types including those prone to break outs or sensitives. Nourishing the skin from the outside in, Grapeseed oil helps with fine lines giving the skin a more youthful glow. It even enhances the appearance of the skin giving it bounce as it plumps loose sagging skin. It can also help with dark spots and circles around the eyes.


Toner water is great for everything!!
*rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids
*helps with sunburn and age spots
*helps with dead skin cells
*helps to balance skin’s Ph
*helps improve acne and scars
*helps with pores
Benefits of using a topical apple cider vinegar treatment.
Oil control – Chronic oily skin leads to breakouts and oily patches on the face. This can make wearing makeup problematic. Apple vinegar toner can help control oil production and reduce the appearance of oiliness.
Antiseptic – Beauty mavens have used apple vinegar for centuries to clean their skin. As an antiseptic, apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and yeast that may trigger breakouts.
Balance pH – Enjoy good skin health by maintaining your pH level. Acids keep your skin remain elastic and youthful looking.
Natural skin care – Apple cider vinegar is an all-natural skin toner that you can make yourself. Using natural products will insure the best care for sensitive skin that may react adversely to harsh chemicals.
Stimulate circulation – For better looking skin, get your blood moving with an application of apple cider toner to the face and body. Natural alpha-hydroxy and acetic acids in this fluid stimulates the skin’s capillaries. Improved circulation gives your skin a natural rosy flush.


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