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This COSMIC collab with Katy over at @moon_medicinals has been in the works for quite a while. With fall fast on the way, we need all the witchy goodness for all our luxurious baths and sacred rituals. 🌌
Perfect for anyone looking to connect with their inner moon child, these bundles have everything you need + extra magic…duh! Each bundle is great for NEW or FULL moon work, rituals, cleanses, anointing and so much more! 🔮
This is a limited offering
XXX Bath Bomb
Bath & Body Oil
Sacred Rose Water Mist
2 Altar oils
simple rituals
Full of darkness and light, the moon is associated with our mood and emotions. Watery by nature, controlling the tides, depending on the phase and season the moon is found in could reveal deep inner shadow work, or reflect shallow, less intense emotional releases.
Allow the moon to illuminate your shadow as you cleanse and clear to receive from the moon womb. Related to the mother archetype and abundance, the moon suggests cycles and changes. Additionally, the idea of rebirth after darkness is also reflected here.
If you are feeling confused or disconnected, simply look to the stars and the moon. Let Luna help you tap into your unconscious. As you develop your hopes and dreams, you can work with the moon to birth or rather manifest them through the moon womb.
Focus on your visions, astral travels and spirit guides and you learn to trust your intuition.


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