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Let our Dragon’s Breath shield and protect your aura as you slay the dragon.

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Slay the day with this empath’s shield bundle!

This blend of woodsy notes and patchouli is both grounding and protective. Great for protecting yourself during psychic work or for every day use this is a second line of defense against negative energy waves. In addition to protection properties this oil also helps with love, prosperity and even health and wellness. Let our Dragon’s Breath Bundle purify your area as it also helps you concentrate and focus.

Includes our 24k Gold infused Dragon’s Breath oil roller, Candle and brand new Mist! Great for protecting yourself and living areas.

Our candles are hand poured and made with Natural Essential Oils and/or organic herbs, flowers, spices and natural crystals.
Each candle is roughly 3.5 oz.

Dragon’s Breath Protection Oil
This fierce blend of musty aromatics clears and protects your aura all while boosting your confidence to slay the dragon. Woodsy notes like patchouli and frankincense ground down and protect while lavender calms. And finished off with uplifting sweet orange this blend is sure to effortlessly serve and protect.

Useful during psychic work or for everyday use as an empaths defense against unwanted vibes. Also helps with love, prosperity and even your over all health & wellness.

There are many types of sacred oils to use in your life or at your altar. They can even be used daily to better promote or metaphysically aid in your witchy / Pagan / Yogic spiritual journey.

Our Dragon’s Breath Mist is made with organic rose water and is great for spiritual self care. It can be used for cleansing and clearing yourself, family, friends, clients, objects, living spaces and more.

Let our Dragon’s Breath shield and protect your aura as you slay the dragon.


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