Season of the Witch Kit


Complete Altar Kit for ANYONE!

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This Sacred Altar bundle has everything you need!



-Moon Phases Bundle

*New Moon, Full Moon & Astral Travel Oil Rollers

*New & Full Moon Salt Spell Jars with Crystals & Info card

*New & Full Moon Mists

-Abundance Bundle

*24K Gold Abundance Candle with Crystal

*Rose Water Abundance Mist

-Dragon’s Breath Protection Bundle

*24k Gold Dragon’s Breath Candle

*Rose Water Dragon’s Breath Mist

*24K Gold Dragon’s Breath Oil Roller

-Cosmic Third Eye Bundle

*Third Eye Tincture

*Rose Water 3rd Eye Mist

*Third Eye Oil Roller

-Cosmic Chakra Roller Bundle

*All 7 chakra rollers & Info Card from @Sacredrocks

Rose Water

Florida Water




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