Includes all 7 Chakra Salts with free gift!

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Includes all 7 Chakra Salts with free gift!

Root: Personal Foundation. Necessary Needs. Security and Stability. Support System. Overall Well Being.
Sacral: Personal Flow, Pleasure and Desire. Creation of Happiness and Joy.
Solar: Personal Power, Drive and Motivation. Self-esteem, Purpose and Potential Power.
Heart: Self Love, Health, Wealth and Abundance. Healing Unions, Balance and Harmony. Soul Connections. Magnetism.
Throat: Your Truth, Voice, Message, Story. Personal Confidence, Conviction and Self Expression.
Third Eye: Your Hopes, Dreams and Vision. Mental Health. Personal Gifts. Focus, Clarity and Insight.
Crown: Collective Connection. Source Energy. Divine Soul Self. Bliss. Pure. Consciousness.

Info on sacred salts.

Just a pinch will do…
Salt has been used in ritual work and spell casting for centuries. Perfect for cleansing, clearing and protecting, its natural absorption properties make it a magical staple in deed.
QUITE VALUABLE IN OLDEN DAYS, SALT WAS USED BY ROMANS TO PAY WAGES, OR salary, which comes from the Latin word sal, for salt.
Used in purification spells or to repel evil spirits and energy, salt is a favorite tool among witches, Buddhists and many other cultures around the world. even to this day used in ceremony.
Great for smudging, salt can be used to cleanse, clear and charge your crystals or any object you wish to bless. just place in the middle of a salt circle, submerge in salt for 24 hours or sprinkle on your candles, jewelry or other altar items.
Representing earth & water since it comes from the sea, salt is the perfect addition to all your altar traditions.
Uses: Cleansing and clearing, offerings, cleansing bath, add to medicine pouch, cleansing four corners of the home, doorways and window sills, burn (sprinkle in smudge mix or onto flame of lit candle) to transfer wishes, put in water to cleanse altar or other items.


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