Clay Mask Trio

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Experience all 3 of our clay mask blends and glow from head to toe!

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Glow from head to toe!
Experience all 3 of our clay mask blends!
This sampler includes half ounce glass bottles that are packaged gift ready or you can separate and use as stocking stuffers. This bundle is great for anyone looking to try our masks before committing to the larger jar.
Bundle includes instructions on how to use the masks.

Radiant Hibiscus Rose Rhassoul Clay Mask
Refresh your face as you cleanse and clear with this youthful & rejuvenating blend of antioxidant rich florals and mineral rich clay.
Rose is a hydrating flower that tones while Hibiscus helps treat acne, inflammation, sunspots and dark circles while promoting circulation which helps to plump, tighten and prevent wrinkles.


Field of Flowers Bentonite Clay Mask
Brighten and balance your face with this floral blend of Calendula, Chamomile & Yarrow mixed with Bentonite clay and a touch of Turmeric.
This mask is great for sensitive, sun damaged and uneven skin.
Calendula is a healing flower that can help reduce inflammation, speed up cell recovery of skin damaged by acne and even harsh weather conditions like uva, uvb and cold or dry climates. Nutrient rich it is also great for antiaging as it helps reduce and prevent wrinkles.
Chamomile is a calming flower that will soothe and soften your inflamed skin while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Great for sunspots, it also lightens and brightens dull uneven skin.

Magic Matcha Wheatgrass French Green Clay Mask
Cleanse and clear your skin with this invigorating blend of Matcha Green Tea and Wheatgrass mixed with French Green Clay.

Green Tea is great for inflamed skin, making it perfect for those that suffer with rosacea and eczema.
Wheatgrass is antioxidant rich that will help detox your skin while replenishing it with vitamins and minerals. Loaded with chlorophyll, it contains high amounts of light energy, almost more than anything else.
Great for the face, body (especially armpits) and even as a hair/scalp mask. This may also be used as a dry scrub. Just apply ¼ teaspoon to wet hands, then rub in circular motions on desired area. Make a mask for your scalp.

Clay Mask Info

A little goes a long way!

Use a wooden, ceramic, or plastic bowl and spoon for mixing. Metal utensils may decrease the naturally occurring detoxification properties in the clay.

You can spot treat with just a spoonful or cover your entire face/large part of your body with a heaping teaspoon.


*Test a patch of skin before doing your entire face or large area of the body.


Mix equal parts clay and liquid for best results. Adjust with more clay or liquid of choice, as necessary.


*Make sure you hydrate by drinking enough water before and after.


After applying to desired area(s) allow clay mixture to sit and dry for up to 15 minutes.

*May be used as a gentle scrub and washed off immediately.


Wash off with warm water.


Use a moisturizer or serum afterwards.

*A tingling warm sensation and slight redness to the skin are normal after a face mask, it should go away within a few hours.



2 reviews for Clay Mask Trio

  1. Lexi

    Amazing product in such a little package. The feel of the hibiscus clay on the skin….MY GOODNESS!! You just mix with a little liquid (I’ve heard apple cider is a good mix for clay mask if you can stand the smell) and spread on your face and voila the feels after 15mins and shine….you will not regret the buy. Totally worth the price!! Thank you Ashley for always creating the best products with the most love!

  2. Clarie

    An awesome mask that made my face feel great!

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