Clay Mask Trio

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Cleanse and clear your skin with these invigorating blends!

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Magic Matcha Wheatgrass French Green Clay Mask
Cleanse and clear your skin with this invigorating blend of Matcha Green Tea and Wheatgrass mixed with French Green Clay.

Green Tea is great for inflamed skin, making it perfect for those that suffer with rosacea and eczema. Wheatgrass is antioxidant rich that will help detox your skin while replenishing it with vitamins and minerals. Loaded with chlorophyll, it contains high amounts of light energy, almost more than anything else.
French Green Clay is mineral rich and is great for not only the face and body, but it’s also great for your hair and even your armpits.

A tight tingling, warm feeling is normal while wearing a clay mask, especially as it hardens or if applied thick. Rinse after 10-15 minutes with warm water, gently removing the loosened clay, DO NOT PICK OR PEEL OFF, this could cause skin irritation. A warm wet washcloth is best to remove.

This may also be used as a dry scrub. Just apply ¼ teaspoon to wet hands, then rub in circular motions on desired area.


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