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Our new Chocolate Reishi is just the support your immune system needs!

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Our new Chocolate Reishi is just the support your immune system needs!
Reishi is great for immune support, especially if you have an autoimmune disease. Working with your white blood cells, it fights infections and free radicals, and helps prevent numerous types of cancer. Reducing fatigue and positively affecting mood too, it’s a natural antidepressant and adaptogen.

With more calcium than milk, cacao is excellent for strong bones, teeth and your health overall. Packed with iron, magnesium and numerous antioxidants too, it’s a tasty multivitamin that helps with depression, stress, blood pressure and your cardiovascular system. Great for blood flow, it even boosts brain function over time.
I developed this blend to help you incorporate Cacao into your life easily and effortlessly! You can mix them in coffee or tea, or even in a smoothie!


Due to the nature of the raw ingredients used in all our products, slight changes in the scent and/or texture of product  batches may occur; however, our formulas, methods and the effectiveness of our products remain the same. Initial quality is guaranteed and insured, while mishandling and improper use may result in damage or spoilage.

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Binford’s All Naturals uses only natural and or organic ingredients and makes no guarantee that products will be well tolerated and is not responsible for any adverse reactions to any products it sells. If you are unsure whether you can tolerate any of these products, please do a skin patch test first. If, after a skin patch test, you find you are not able to tolerate the product please return it for a full refund. Pregnant and nursing women should research or avoid essential oil or fragrance products all together.


  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    A few droppers of this when I’m feeling anxious takes the edge off! I found that having it in my morning hot beverage helps keep me less prone to being anxious? (if that makes sense) and it tastes fantastic!

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