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Rose is a gentle heart healer that soothes and nourishes the body.

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Chocolate Roses…
Yes, you read that right!
Rose is a gentle heart healer that soothes and nourishes the body. It boosts immunity, fights inflammation and even aids in digestion. Roses are also great for relieving menstrual pain, uterine congestion and even infertility.
Roses have captured the hearts of many for over 5 thousand years. Delicate, velvety soft petals unfold to reveal one of life’s most precious gems. With thorny stems that protect, it seems mother nature personally boobie trapped these botanical treasures. Admired for both their beauty and intoxicating scent, roses are a versatile plant that has magic pulsing through its entire aura.
Coming in so many varieties (over 150 known species) roses aren’t just lush red or even white these days as many have taken to mixing various colors creating new blends and even scents. And they aren’t as exotic as you think, no, roses actually grow wild nearly all over the world. Traditionally roses were used in love spells but have also found their way into spells for luck and abundance.

With more calcium than milk, cacao is excellent for strong bones, teeth and your health overall. Packed with iron, magnesium and numerous antioxidants too, it’s a tasty multivitamin that helps with depression, stress, blood pressure and your cardiovascular system. Great for blood flow, it even boosts brain function over time.
I developed this blend to help you incorporate Cacao into your life easily and effortlessly! You can mix them in coffee or tea, or even in a smoothie!


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