Chi for 2 Restorative Energy Sessions


This offer is for 2 separate chi sessions (3 each) for 2 different people.

Order includes 3 sessions over 3 consecutive days + audio recording & any additional follow up homework that comes up during your sessions for 2 people. 

What is chi?
Chi, also spelled qi or ki, is our life-giving energy. In Chinese medicine, chi refers to the life-force in all living things. It cannot be seen but is the energy within and around everything.
This Energy healing will be sent 3 times over three days.
Chi can help:
💫 Enhance quality of sleep.
💥 Enhance the immune system.
💫 Help lower blood pressure.
💥 Improve joint pain.
💫 Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure.
💥 Improve libido.
💫 Improve overall well-being.
💥 Improve balance and stability.
💫 Address injuries and simultaneously improve them.
*Any healing undertaken should not be a substitute for professional medical advice.
How does it work?
Over the 3 days I will move chi on your behalf. This is similar to a chi gong practice.
Day 1: I stir up the energy through various movement techniques to purge, recalibrate, regulate and integrate.
Day 2: Once moved, I clear stagnant energy and address any areas of pain or trauma.
Day 3: Once completed, all chi is integrated through a sequence of movements, meditation and eye gazing.
An actual ball of golden magnetic light is built during each session and sent directly to you within 30 minutes.
Session notes will be recorded daily and sent when all 3 sessions are complete.
You may notice the effects of this work immediately or over time as the energy reaches you. This could be days or even weeks from now.
What should you do?
Integration on your part is key to receiving the full benefits. You will want to stay hydrated, eat well, sleep well, move your body (orgasm, exercise, jumping rope), dry brushing, salt baths and anything else you see fit to cleanse, clear and adjust your body.
You may notice somewhat “negative side effects”, but these will only be temporary and mostly mild. I don’t look at the body doing it’s healing thing as a negative, hence the quotes…
What to expect?
As I move the energy you could experience, pings or sensations in your body that trigger pain, trauma or somatic releases. This is a sign I have found and located areas of concern for healing.
🙌🏻 Personal results:
Minimal hip and joint pain if any.
Amazing energy and clarity.
Huge boost in libido.
Lost 20 lbs.
Kicked coffee.
Clearer skin and eyes, if that even was possible for me since my skin is fucking amazing haha.


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