Helps with: Desire, Fatigue and Libido.

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33 grams roughly 1 ounce

Herb/Root/Flower comes in glass mason jar with decorative lid.

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Erythroxylum catuaba


Helps with: Desire, Fatigue and Libido.


“Preparation Methods & Dosage: Catuaba is most commonly available as a tincture, or can be taken as a decoction. For maximum effect, take the tincture in a small amount of water to which is added 1 teaspoon (4 milliliters) of lemon juice. Acidifying the tincture releases alkaloids and tannins. The native peoples of the Amazon who use catuaba combine it with muira puama, allowing the mixture to stand in warm water overnight to make an amber medicinal infusion.”




“Catuaba Side Effects: Use caution when purchasing catuaba, the bark of many different trees is marketed under this very common name. There are no reported side effects, but as with many popular aphrodisiacs, adulteration is of major concern.”



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