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Seasonal Crystal and Herbal infused candles made with natural essential oils.
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Most of our candles are mason jar style and weigh 3.5 oz. All of our candles are made with grade a paraffin wax from the USA with all natural essential oils and hemp wicks. Crystals and or herbs may or may not be added for decoration.

Please light with caution, keep away from drafts and never leave unattended especially around children and pets.

Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours or if there is less and 1/4th layer of un-melted wax as this can cause the glass vessel to become too hot and crack.


Florida Orange, Full Moon, Garden Fairy, Into The Wood, New Moon, Ray of Light, Unicorn Dust, Whispering Winder

3 reviews for Candle Options

  1. Elijah

    I absolutely live for the candles. Not only is the presentation gorgeous, but they always smell so freaking good! I can feel the love and magic Ashley infuses into each one.

  2. Elijah

    LOVE these candles! Ashley always impresses me with the unique energy she brings to each one. You can feel the love and magic she infuses into each one. Not only do they look great but they smell great too!

  3. Cyn (verified owner)

    Ashley makes the most amazing smelling candles I can find. I can’t get enough of them. She puts so much work and love into her recipes and it shows. When Fall comes – I get so excited, but to tell you the truth – all year round – they are amazing.

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