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14 grams roughly .5 ounce


Medicago sativa L.


May help with: Cancer Prevention, Candida/yeast, Cholesterol, Female Hormones, Longevity Tinctures, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Some Pets, Spring Tincture.


“Preparation Methods & Dosage: Alfalfa can be taken in capsules, teas or eaten as fresh raw sprouts that have been rinsed thoroughly to remove mold. Alfalfa tea is mild and good tasting, and it blends well with many other tonic herbs like nettle, mints, and citrus.”


“Alfalfa Side Effects: If you have lupus or are in remission, you shouldn’t consume alfalfa seeds. Use alfalfa only during its prebloom stages of growth. Alfalfa seeds should never be eaten unless sprouted because they contain high levels of the toxic amino acid canavanine.”



Magical Properties


“Use alfalfa in magical practice for good fortune and prosperity or to encourage recuperation.”

-The Herb Crafter’s Tarot

“Gender: Feminine, Planet: Venus, Element: Earth

Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money. Brings in money and protects against financial misfortune. Harvest a small quantity at the full moon. Dry and burn in the cauldron. Place ashes in an magickal amulet.”



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