Love is in the Air

All month long you can love yourself or even someone else with our shop sales and promotions. Below you will find different ways to SHOP, SAVE & SAY, "I love you this Valentine's day!"


Won't you be our Valentine?

Mix or Match any 2 products for just $14.00!

*some exclusions

Binfords is bringing you all the love this February!

All month long, if you purchase any item from our Sensual Collection you will receive a FREE 24k Gold Sutra Roller natural perfume blend.

Spend over $50.00 (shipping not included) you'll receive a FREE Love Yoself candle.

Naturally scented this blend is great for aromatherapy & meditation.

We just wanted to say,

"I love YOU!" in our own special way!

Boost your libido with our Sutra Aphrodisiac collection. Back in stock & on sale, these bundles sold out in just a few hours last shop update. Snag them before they're all gone. Enjoy by yourself, or with a partner.

Spice up your love life by getting intimate with the Sutra Bundle

Back in stock & on sale...

Our wildly popular Sutra Aphrodisiac body oil now comes in a bundle!

Great alone or with a partner(s), this bundle of sensual products is just perfect for conjuring up all kinds of love & sex magic!

The Deluxe Sutra Bundle includes:
XXX Lube

For Play libido booster

Our 24k Gold Sutra Aphrodisiac Body Massage Oil

Our brand new 24k Gold and Clear Quartz infused hot wax massage Sutra Candle (ONLY AVAILABLE IN BUNDLE)

Rose Water infused Pillow Mist (ONLY AVAILABLE IN BUNDLE)

Super Infused 24K Gold and Clear Quartz natural Perfume Roller (ONLY AVAILABLE IN BUNDLE)


Let's take a look at our Sensual Collection...

The one that started it all! Nearly 3 years ago, the XXX Lube got Binfords kicked off Etsy, PayPal and even Amazon...prompting us to create our own website. Selling out every shop update, this herbal infused oil smells like garden roses and will help you stay lubricated before, during and even after sexual pleasure, pregnancy & post child birth.


XXX Lube
Support your body's natural pH

Help your honey get it up and keep it up while you actually get in the mood naturally. Created years ago, this exotic blend of South American barks and nutrient dense maca boosts both male and female sex drive. This blend naturally supports libido, erection, sensation, desire, stamina and even wet dreams!!


For Play
Unisex Libido Booster

Get in the mood with this exotic mix of florals, neroli and 24k gold. As a natural aphrodisiac, the Sensually Sutra oil was designed for topical body massage to entice sensual pleasure. In a base of grapeseed oil rich in vitamins A, C & E, it is easily absorbed and perfect for all skin types including those prone to break outs or sensitives.


Sensually Sutra
Exotic 24k Gold Massage Oil

Boost your libido with this warm and spicy blend. Developed to help support increased desire, moisture and overall mood, if you like our For Play you will LOVE our Love Potion! Made with Rose, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng, Damiana and Muria Puama, it can even help support prostate health in men!


Love Potion
Libido Booster

Love yourself. Stop waiting for others to. Set the tone. Be the example. You are loved. So loved. Sometimes you need a little reminding. Self love isn't about fancy vision boards, face masks or even lighting a crystal infused candle. Take a moment out of your busy day or week to kick up your feet and sink into this healing blend of alluring florals, Frankincense, Clove, Sweet Orange and Vanilla.


Love Yoself
Aromatherapy & Meditation Candle

Level out your hormones and naturally boost your desire with our herbal infused tinctures. Available in plain, chocolate and even rose chocolate, these blends were developed to help women regulate natural chemical communication between the thyroid and adrenal glands. Many of these blends work for both men and women by supporting testosterone production and menstruation relief for women at all stages of their cycle.


Hormone Tinctures
A variety of blends to support hormonal health

Check out these reviews!

The Sensually Sutra Aphrodisiac Massage Oil has become my standard post-shower moisturizer as well as the Ultimately Essential Face Serum. You guys, the florals are UNREAL!! Binford’s products have become part of my self care ritual and honestly make me feel like a damn queen. -Rachel
Best natural lube... Just what I was looking for! My partner & I love it!      -Sarah
This has done wonders for me! I bought the xxx lube with this but haven't even needed to use is since starting this tincture. It really has helped get me in the mood and also heightened all sensations during. Thank you! -Brandi
The XXX lube is a MUST in our bedroom. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t have as much secretion as I use to. With Ashley’s XXX lube, I am well oiled up and it feels amazing for hubby. -Kelly for products I swear by her xxx lube. I used to get major yeast infections. Using that during sex I haven’t had one in 8 months!               -Winters
Ok, I admit, I was skeptical but also hopeful. And oh. My. Gosh. I'M SO HAPPY! I donated my eggs a fee years back and ever since then, sex hasn't been the same- my drive has been down and mostly it would just hurt and be uncomfortable. Oh, not anymore!! This shit is sex magic! I already notice an increase in my drive and an extremely noticeable decrease in pain. THANK YOU for bringing this into the world, especially my vaginas 😉 -Britt
I absolutely LOVE Binford’s. I use Happy Hormones, In Focus, and Love Potion every single day. Every single tincture I’ve used so far has truly helped me out. Love Potion in particular has helped me a lot. It does help with moisture (though that is not a problem for me) and I get horny more. Also, using Love Potion AND Happy Hormones has put me in an overall positive mood lately. -Naysia
XXX Lube is excellent. Perfect light floral scent and feels natural. Not greasy, just right 😉 -Anonymous