On Vacation but We're Here to Stay

Thank y'all so much for all your love, support, emails and constant encouragement!

Binford's is here to stay for good!

Big brother, big pharma, and big businesses will not scare us away! Herbal remedies ARE NOT dangerous, but they are a threat to those that wish to control people through scare tactics, legal action and misinformation.

Did you know there are laws in line to be passed that would make simple compounds such as lavender and turmeric illegal to sell? Did you know they want to make cinnamon, garlic, ginger, ginseng, and a whole list of other herbs, roots, florals, spices and naturally occurring minerals illegal to mix together? Basically it would be illegal for you to prepare your favorite spicy dish and share with friends or give them a healing bowl of herbal chicken noodle soup.

This past spring was a challenge for Binford's, as we closed down for the summer & celebrated Ms. Binford's Birthday Bash live! The BASH was a great success with amazing guests, card readings and awesome prizes still up for grabs!


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We are LIVE!

We are LIVE! Well, not quite live but now available on YouTube and IGTV.

Weekly Cosmic Energy reports are loaded every Sunday or Monday explaining the Sun, Moon and all the Stars in the sky. *Subscribe to our email list below to get the direct link every week. Shorter videos are also being loaded to IGTV a spin off of Instagram.

All videos will be loaded to YouTube, especially the Witchy Kitchen series and Retrograde Reports.


Get it while it's HOT!

The sun is blazing and we're soaking it up, with our all natural SPF duh! Enjoying family and friends, back on the east coast, Binfords is partially closed, with limited stock and options this update.

Our next seasonal shop update is projected for early October, and we've got some HUGE NEWS so stay tuned if you want to keep up with all the changes in store!

Right now readings are available for purchase with lots of room for 1:1 chart sessions or even follow up lives for anyone with a chart already. Currently charts are marked down but you can use coupon code SUMMER to take an additional 15% OFF any reading at checkout!

Back by popular demand I have listed half hour and full hour sessions, also available: Chakra Alignment, Short Story & Past Present Future readings listed again.


Re-charging...be back soon!

Pretty soon we'll be back in action, ready to help out with all your natural wellness and metaphysical needs!

With more ways to shop & save than ever before, this October you'll be able to stock up on all your favorites.

What's on the way?

*New combos and bundles with FREE shipping!

*New psychic, energy and symbolism readings...

*Revamped private pages for the Moon Womb community with direct access to energy readings, content & even more shop savings!

*Seasonal Fall and Winter Wonders coming soon...

Watch out for our NEW

*Daily Energy Instagram Tarot updates

*Herbal Blog/Vlog & Tarot readings

*Open rituals, readings, spell casting & healing sessions


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