Calling all my Binford's Babes that want to be BOSSES!

This past year Binfords has expanded in many ways.

From leaving Portland, the west coast and friends behind, to ditching Etsy (it was time), to building up this website, the growth has been healing and humbling. Now, settled in New Mexico, the creative energies are surging through my heart, mind, body and soul.

Looking back at Binford’s humble beginnings, starting out with just a few health and wellness products, it’s obvious to see we have expanded so much over the last 6 years.

Now, with over 100 natural remedies safe for the whole family and pets too, Binford’s is a dream come true for so many on their natural health and wellness journey. Growing this brand has come organically. Through word of mouth only, Binford’s is reaching more homes than ever before because the products work. No sales gimmicks or false claims, every product is in the shop because it continues to work for someone just like you.

Growing this brand takes work though, and I can’t do it without YOU!

Yes, you! After years of working alone, I’ve finally decided it’s time to kick off our affiliate program! I know together we can do more and be more. And most importantly, I’m excited to reach more families in need and offer them affordable natural remedies, all while helping your family succeed with passive income!

If you’re interested in this opportunity and want to be an affiliate, please respond asap. You can email me using “Affiliate Program” as the subject, be sure to include your First and Last name, phone number, chosen coupon code and your PayPal or Venmo email / username for future payments.

Shop & Save!

It's almost that time of the year again!

Binford's annual Birthday Bash is just a few days away. The entire shop will be Buy One Get One FREE! Yes, you read that correctly! Not only that we have updated the shop with a ton of new offerings, from face and body oils and toners to bug spray and even new chocolate infused tinctures!

A few things to know about the sale:

Every order receives a FREE gift! If you use an affiliate code you will get a gift preselected by your affiliate.

The sale starts July 1st and it ends July 31st (I am honoring any new orders that come in between now and the 1st)!

Most of the shop will be BOGO, this includes: TINCTURES, FACE & BODY CARE, CANDLES & CBD products (bundles, combos and seasonal scentsation candles are the only exceptions).

Every order of $75.00 or more will receive a FREE Birthday Bash candle that includes a surprise crystal inside.


What's Cookin'?!

With more ways to SHOP & SAVE than ever before, this Summer you'll be able to stock up on all your favorites in the store!

What's on the way?

*New combos and bundles!

*New psychic, energy and symbolism readings...

*Revamped private pages for the Moon Womb community with direct access to energy readings, content & even more shop savings!

*Seasonal Summer & Fall collections coming soon...

Watch out for our NEW

*Products & Offerings!

*Daily Inspiration& updates via Instagram!

*Herbal Blog/Vlog & Tarot readings coming soon to YouTube and the website!

*Open rituals, readings, spell casting & healing sessions!