July's Chakra Meditation & Scan!


Does the idea of connecting your body and mind with the divine interest you??

Let's take a therapeutic and cosmically energetic trip together, naturally finding ourselves along the way. Let's look within & truly evaluate our feelings. Let's traverse our thoughts, examine our emotions & fully process life through the exploration of our 7 major Chakras. Consciously and collectively let's balance our over and under active chakras.

Let's be the change we desperately need for ourselves and one another.

Let's share our ideas, support each other and make lasting changes together. Unified our efforts will be multiplied. United our abilities stronger. And together, our healing even more impactful.

As we start our journey home, join me as we travel together inward and dive deep…deep down to our roots.

Different for each of us, the stability and support we find in our Root Chakra is crucial for leading a balanced and fulfilled life. Balanced or not though, this chakra almost always needs a little fine tuning. It is without a doubt the perfect place for us to start.

Take this test to see where your levels are currently at.

The body and aura can experience under or over active chakra levels which can be easy to notice or not. This test is simple to take and gives you a real glimpse into your personal over and under active chakras.

There are all kinds of resources on this page to help you achieve optimum chakra balance and harmony.

Beneath each chakra's section you will find all the info you need to heal both under or over active areas. Through self inquiry, nutrition, meditation, affirmation work and more you can explore your inner and outer world while also tending to your bodies needs. With this info you can journey on your own through the chakra 101 self study or you can even incorporate your findings when we take group journeys (to be announced).



While healing comes with many benefits...

I'll be acting as your virtual guide, mentor & more. Occasionally, I'll be actively coaching and participating with all of you see updated group chakra cleanses.

This webpage will offer updated:
*Info & content on all the Chakras that can be found below
*Balanced vs. a Under &/or Over Active Chakra
*Journal questions
*Nutrition to heal
*Exercises & Meditations
+ so much more LIVE when we have group cleanses! The first one is scheduled for November to prep everyone for all the heavy holiday energy.

Enjoy this Chakra Sound Healing as a Tune Up!

I love this simple recording, it's really impactful when it comes to chakra alignment and your overall cell and soul health. Listen 1 or 2 times a day to start. I experienced all kinds of shifts and transformations after working with this sound healing. One of the most amazing would be all the rainbows I saw walking around Portland Oregon shortly after starting a daily therapy. I hope you enjoy!

Chakra Cleanse Suggestions:

*Get a notebook or two or a few and pens for journaling or if you wish to use your computer, laptop or iPad, that's fine too, whatever suits you! If you wish not to journal...well, that's on you and a waste of your time! *Find a sacred space to center yourself and connect with yourself daily, or whenever/where ever you can. Hell, it can even be the bathroom or basement once or twice a week...I completely understand. *Have some sort of smudge or cleansing ritual on hand. (Dried herbs used for metaphysical cleansing, crystals, prayers, salt bath etc.) *Candles are a nice touch too but not necessary. *Relaxing or Meditative Music, *Yoga mat or blanket, *Tea pot, *Bath weekly or basin to soak your feet, *Epsom's Salts, Sea Salts or Mineral Rich Bath Salts.

Check out my shop offerings that might also assist you:

Or some of my favorites for more chakra cleansing supplies!
(if you have a shop let me know and I'll see if it's a fit her or on another page)




What have YOU eaten to help heal and nourish your Root Chakra today?

Dandelion Root - Green Tea Leaf - Calendula - Ginger - Horseradish - Hibiscus - Rose - Rosemary - Peppercorn - Cayenne Pepper (Paprika) - Chives - Cloves
Root Veggies - Carrots - Potatoes - Parsnips - Radishes - Onions - Garlic - Red Fruits and Veggies too - Berries - Beets - Apples - Red Grapes - Red Grapefruit - Cherries - Tomatoes - Watermelon

root chakra

Stability - Grounding - Health - Wealth - Abundance - Protection - Strength - Rejuvenation
COLOR - Red to deep Yellow
CONTROLS - Central Nervous System
FOCUS - Connection to Mother Earth and Source Energy, Ancestors, Angels and Guides too.
LOCATED - Between the Genitals and Anus
FUNCTIONS - Adrenals - Lymphatic System - Male Reproductive System (Prostate) - Large Intestines - Sacrum - Skeletal System - Teeth - Nails - Legs - Arms


How "put together" is your life?
Do you have a roof over your head?
Do you have food, water, clothing…your basic needs etc., met?
How are your finances?
Do you feel safe and secure?
Do you worry about your income, your job security or family's wellbeing?
Do you feel supported?
Do you feel grounded, or anchored firmly in this life?
Do you feel loved and nurtured?

Physical Imbalances

(unhealthy manifestations)
Sciatica - Constipation - Ovarian Disorders - Uterine Disorders - Prostate Conditions & Cancer - Hemorrhoids - Excess Weight or Food & Eating Disorders - Poor Digestion
*Prolonged Headaches, Poor Concentration, Hip, Knee or Ankle issues, Unsteady, Vertigo, Unable/Afraid to Connect with others, Over Expressing, Afraid to Express, Mood Swings, Poor Immunity

With a balanced Root Chakra
You feel:

*Cool, calm, collected and connected
*Generally, pain free, especially in the lower back region
*Bones and Joints feel strong and flexible
*Steady, consistent energy
*Easily able to manifest
*Worthy to receive
*Your needs are met
*Support from source, family, friends, lovers, ancestors, angels and guides
*Present, living in the now
*On the right path, with purpose and power
*Real, raw and vulnerable, brave, kind and open

Unbalanced or Overactive
You Feel:

Disconnected - Back Pain - Joint & Bone Pain - Unmotivated - Chronic Disorders - Unworthy - Not Good Enough - Sick - Stuck - Unsupported - Irritable - IBS - the Past - Fearful - Unhappy at Work - Aggressive - Unhealthy Habits Surfacing - Impoverished - Guilty - Shameful

i am tarot-size

root chakra

I AM rooted deeply into the earth…this project, the event, this conversation, this work, this meal, this activity, this life, the moment.
I FEEL connected to my body…my heart, my mind, my soul, you, this, that.
I AM safe and secure…here, there and everywhere.
I NATURALLY have a right to be here…happy, healthy, abundant, joyful, real, raw and available.
I HAVE all that I need…mentally, physically and emotionally.
I AM stable and able to stand on my own two feet…do this or that.
I LIVE a healthy lifestyle incorporating healing foods, exercise, conversations and energy into my day to day.
I MAKE choices that are good for me…healthy, positive, proactive, conscious.
I TRUST and believe I am doing what's best for myself and the collective.

healing tools


Red Jasper (Grounds while offering Stability and Emotional Support)

Smoky Quartz (Helps let go of the Past, Clearing Emotional Blocks and Cutting any Cords)

Hematite (Promotes Reflection and deep Thoughts while Grounding and Vibrating at the Root Chakra level deeply Connecting to the Earth.

Rose - Frankincense - Myrrh - Rosewood - Cedar Wood - Ginger - Calendula - Rosemary - Clove


more to ponder

What makes you feel supported?
How do you support others?
Where do you feel the most secure?
With family - With Friends - With Partner - At Home - At Work - Alone
Do you think you're experiencing a block or over activity here?
If so why?
If not, why?
Do you know it's ok to flux between balanced and unbalanced?
*This is how we create life changing shifts mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
How do you want to feel?
Does your life support this feeling?
What can you do, change or heal to feel this particular way?
Are you resourceful?
Do you feel threatened by or unable to handle challenges?

All aboard!

Join us as we further explore our chakras, cleansing and healing our Sacral Chakras.

Are you ready to continue diving deep within?

Are you ready to stir parts of your being and move through blocks to balance and elevate?

Collectively and consciously we will further cleanse our chakras and heal our souls. As we travel together, individually our confidence will increase and our personal power to push through life will be boosted tremendously. Residing in who we each truly are, we will conquer our fears and reach for our dreams working together as a team!

From our Roots we travel inside to the sacred Sacral Chakra…where our creative life force resides.


sacral chakra

The Seat of the Soul
(seat of the emotions)
The Sacral Chakra is located in our nether regions. Associated with the genitals and womb, this chakra is home to our creative energy. Just above the Root Chakra, two fingers width beneath the naval, you can find the Sacral Chakra. This Chakra houses life and our creativity. No, seriously though, it is directly related to our reproductive organs while also housing our creative self-expression.
It is here where all the seeds we've planted, both mentally and sexually, get fertilized…or not.

If your Sacral Chakra is balanced, you are easily able to create, explore your sexuality and manifest. If it is off or unbalanced, you may lack a certain desire for life because you are not housing the right energy frequency to manifest your desires.



St. John's
Passion Flower
Carrots, Orange Beets, Peppers, Hummus, Yams, Squash, Pumpkin, Fatty Acid Foods, Plant Proteins, Beans & Legumes, Salmon, Tuna, Shell Fish, Peaches, Apricots, Dates, Mangos, Papayas, Melon and Coconut Juice, Flesh and Oil.

Amber - detoxes, balances, cleanses and purifies as it warms the soul.

Carnelian - Boosts confidence, energy and performance while increasing personal power and courage.

Citrine - enhances creativity, boosts abundance and awareness while balancing both masculine & feminine energies in unions.



1.) Are you aware of your emotions? *What about how others' emotions affect yours?
2.) Are you controlled by your emotions?
3.) Do you handle them by addressing what's making you feel?
4.) Or do you sit in your emotional state non-reflective?
5.) Do you require constant moments of pleasure? *I need this to feel happy… *I have to get this to be happy… *I should do that so others think I'm happy…
6.) Or do you understand happiness is a choice, it is to be experienced and can't ultimately be gained through materialism?
7.) What is beautiful?
8.) Do you think you're beautiful?
9.) Who or what are you attracted to?
10.) How do these attractions push and sway the decisions you make, emotions you have and life you lead?


(unhealthy manifestations)

Obsessive - Cling to Others - Codependent - Over React Emotionally - Lack of Creativity - Unoriginal - Not Unique - Self-Sabotage - Fear of Happiness - Pessimistic - Depressed - Low Libido - Lower Back Pains - Prostate Problems - Abdominal Tension - Period Pains - Irregular Menstrual Cycle - Infertility - Bladder Infections

(balanced manifestations)

easily able to create, explore your sexuality and manifest
a lack of desire for life because you are not housing the right energy frequency to manifest your desires.


I FEEL open, ready, willing and waiting to receive.

I AM naturally creative in all areas of my life.

I AM at peace with my past, fully able to live in the present.

I TRUST my feelings and act accordingly.

I HAVE a positive attitude and outlook on life.

I AM living my best life.

I AM sexually happy and healthy.

I EMBRACE the world around me.



More to Ponder…

Questions to further expand on or answer in your Journal.

1.) Are you self disciplined?

2.) Can you openly express yourself creatively?

3.) Do you feel alive? *What makes you feel alive?


Are you open and ready to receive?

Do you feel more emotionally stable and grounded…especially now that we have worked on our Root and Sacral Chakras?

Are you open and ready to receive?

Do you feel more emotionally stable and grounded…especially now that we have worked on our Root and Sacral Chakras?


solar plexus

Housing our egos and personality traits, the Solar Plexus directly reflects how we identify with ourselves. It is here in our Solar Plexus where the power of our will is tested, the perception of who we are examined and all that we can be, and ever will be, created.
Finding ways to use your unique gifts and internal power through your abilities is suggestive of a balanced Solar Plexus. While lacking emotional control and overreacting instead of being proactive suggests an inactive or out of balance Solar Plexus.
The choice is yours however, and always has been.
So, do you sit back and let others do?
Or, do you stand up and do for yourself?
With the power of free will we can all choose to achieve our dreams…


1.) Do you struggle with control?
Over yourself?
Over others?
Over your surroundings?
Or, are you easily controlled by others and your surroundings?
Are you aware that having to control others or your surroundings is actually a loss of control? *The only real control we have is over our selves.
2.) Do you feel helpless or irresponsible?
3.) Stuck on the details, do you have trouble visualizing the big picture?
4.) Do you lack direction?
5.) Do you abuse situations of power?
For instance, Play up your weaknesses for sympathy…
Coerce others through power and leverage…
Take advantage of those unknowingly by stealing, cheating or telling lies?


Chamomile - Valerian - Ginseng - Rosemary - Lemongrass - Marshmallow Root - Ginger - Cinnamon - Clove - Peppermint - Rose
Summer Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Golden Potatoes
Yellow Tomatoes
Golden Beets
Yellow Apples
Brown Rice


I VALUE myself.
I STAND in my power.
I ACT with courage.
I DO great things.
I AM capable & confident.
I AM successful.
I FULLY love and enjoy this life.
I CHOOSE to live life to the fullest!

healing tools

Cedar wood - Cinnamon - Clove - Rose - Lemon - Grapefruit - Lemongrass - Peppermint - Rosemary - Sandalwood - Ginger - Chamomile

Helps with Abundance. Increases Clarity. Boosts Creativity, Self-Expression and Awareness. Also Detoxes and Balances Male & Female Energies.
Increases Vitality. Works as a Natural Antibiotic. Grounds while Cleansing the Chakras. Offers Protection. Detoxes and Cleanses Emotionally.
Increases Happiness & Joy. Boosts Vitality. Empowers. Creates Sense of Freedom. Rejuvenates. Protects. Grounds and Offers Luck.


Are you manipulative?
Or are you easily manipulated?

Do you make plans only to regret them later or cancel them altogether because you actually fear commitment?

Are you secretly worried about the motives or actions others have and make?

Perhaps even paranoid?

Do you fear being judged by others?

Do you lack courage?
In your relationships?


Are you still with us?

As we continue exploring deep within you may feel shifts occurring in various areas of your life.

That's a good sign you're well on your way to reaching the top!

next stop…

...the Heart Chakra!

Our Heart Chakra is a deep and bottomless pit of expansion and self-discovery. As the middle Chakra, it requires the most care and attention to detail.


heart chakra

Thinking of the Chakras as a ladder it is easy to see that only through a healthy foundation the Root Chakra, or the "I ams," plus the beliefs found and developed in our Sacral Chakra or the "I feels," coupled with an "I can do" attitude developed in the Solar Plexus that we create power in the heart space.

Balancing your Heart Chakra requires forgiveness. As your center, this chakra helps balance all the others while in alignment. From here we actually start to unlock our more energetic chakras: the Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Without proper balance in our Heart we cannot possibly reach the elevated state of Oneness that comes from knowing the love of all of creation -knowing self love, unyielding, unconditional love.

Loving ourselves is where we start to crack open this glorious gateway to Divine Love, authentic love. Pure love.

Find your power in LOVE.



Green Tea
Passion Flower
Holy Basil
Lemon Balm

Kale Dandelion Broccoli Avocado Spinach Celery Chard Cucumber Kiwi Sprouts Green Melon Apples Peas Beans Tomatillos


Rose - Geranium - Evergreens - Spruce - Rosewood - Ginger - Lemon balm - Rosemary - Lime - Mint - Sweet Orange



1.) How is your overall health?

2.) Do you feel physically fit?

3.) Do you feel mentally fit?

4.) Do you understand there's a connection between feeling physically fit in relation to being mentally and emotionally stable?

5.) Do you accept yourself for who you are? What about others?

6.) Do you love yourself?

7.) Do you practice acts or rituals of self love?

8.) Do you feel free to love who and what you want in this life?

9.) Are you able to say Yes to this Life, the people in it and opportunities coming your way?

10.) Are you able to say No to others and temptation creating necessary healthy boundaries in this life?


real love

Write a Love letter to yourself, or someone else.
Maybe not... Remember long ago writing love letters to your secret sweet yet never ever giving them your heart felt words?
Didn't it feel good to just write out your feelings?

Didn't it help you to release what was stored inside?

Maybe one day those words would come alive and not just be passion on paper?
Today write yourself or someone else a love letter. Write out your heart felt feelings good or bad. Come clean. Be honest. Be truthful. Most importantly though, be real and raw.
If you're madly in love with someone let the universe know in this letter. If you're ready to fall madly in love with yourself go all out and get all mushy and gush over yourself. If you're ready to let a love go and end your feelings for someone write them out now. If you've held on to hate and anger, you may want to write about that now to let it all means please do so now.
There's no real limit to this love letter.
Just write what your heart feels.

Our voice and words are tools,

The Throat Chakra is probably one of our most underactive chakras or rather most improperly used.

Sure you might talk a lot and write well…but how deep is your chatter and to what depths has your pen sunk?

Are your words wisely from the heart?

Once you know your truth, honor yourself and speak wisely from the heart.

Remember though, the Throat Chakra is our "voice" and it's directly linked to our personal truths and only unblocked can we truly utilize its power properly.


throat chakra

Coming from the Sanskrit word Vishuddha meaning purity, it's our duty to speak wisely from the Heart.

Centered between the Heart and Third Eye our Throat Chakra is a powerful tool to convey our feelings and truth. We look with our eyes but see with our Third Eye.

When your lower Chakras are balanced and your heart space is strong, words will stir from within you just waiting to be vocalized. Our truth and commitment to all is waiting to be expressed through our Throat Chakra. Giving us purpose and enabling us to further find and establish our place in this world, the Throat Chakra becomes a major manifesting tool.



Peppermint - Mint - Lavender - Blue Chamomile - Cinnamon - Echinacea - Lemongrass - Sage - Blue Cornflower

Stand Alone Fruits
Fruit Hanging from Trees

Liquids - Herbal Teas - Coconut Water - Aloe Juice - Broths - Fruit Juices - No Dairy - Charged Crystal Water



1) Do you speak the truth?
2) Do you speak from the heart?
3) Is what you have to say necessary?
4) Do you think before you speak?
5) Does overthinking hinder you from speaking up at all?
6) Do you speak openly (intimately from the heart) with others? *Family *Friends *Partners *Coworkers *Acquaintances *Strangers *Professionals (Medical, think therapist)
7) Do you want to speak with someone or others more openly?
8) Why?
9) Would it benefit you to speak more openly with others?
10) Do you journal your thoughts, or perhaps write poetry?
11) Would you ever share these words with others?
10c56e00-880e-4bb8-a751-fdb2e4410acd-767x575 (1)

speak your truth

How we speak up for what's right or use forms of communication to correct wrong doings and injustices are all related to a healthy system of Chakras eventually expressed through the Throat Chakra, or rather our Voice.

Activism comes to mind here, but whether you're on the right or wrong side of the fight will be determined by the health of the prior Chakras.

A balanced Throat Chakra is associated with speech, articulation and the ability to convey your ideas or beliefs to others clearly. An unbalanced Throat Chakra may have physical manifestations such as neck and throat ailments or even a lack of speech altogether.


I SPEAK calmly from the heart.
I EXPRESS myself freely.
I AM heard.
I AM understood.
I KNOW what I have to say matters.
I SPEAK for myself.
I SPEAK the truth.
I AM responsible for the impact of my words.

Is your vision clear?

Now that you know how to ground down, feel your way through, power up and stay heart centered while speaking up and out, it's time to dream out loud. No longer afraid to dream by the light of day, it's time you understand the power of your active mind.

With intention and awareness, you can transform your whole word!

Coming from the Sanskrit word Ajna, we receive or rather perceive via our Third Eye or Brow chakra. The Third Eye is a gateway to the divine connecting you with your spirit/soul/source. It is of course one of the most talked about chakras because of the ever popular spiritual and self development movements. Don't be fooled though, all your chakras need attention and care from the Root to your Crown. Too much focus on the Third Eye could create a major imbalance separating you from your reality and the world at large.

Located between the eyes, found at the brow, the Third Eye governs trust, intuition and integration of self. It is here where the heart, mind, body and soul merge to co-create reality. Simultaneously, our realities exist to reflect the world we all co-exist in.

With proper maintenance this chakra can open us up to a spiritual world full of downloads, divine intelligence, insight and so much more!

Out of balance once could feel foggy, sluggish, lethargic, lost or even isolated. When it comes to decision making, there could be a major disconnection from self and source. Procrastination, forgetfulness and lack of concentration are tell tale signs. Nightmares, insomnia or even clinical fears could surface if unchecked. Over time there could even be clinical disorders like hopelessness and depression. Spiritually you will feel lost.

In balance there is a sense of openness and freedom to explore your inner and outer worlds. Spiritually connected and mentally focused, the imagination is able to bring to life the visions from within. When it comes to your thoughts, ideas and beliefs there is a sense of clarity. You are inspired and want to share your hopes and dreams with the world. Intuitive and clear minded you have enhanced mental, physical and emotional clarity and cognitive performance.

brow chakra



COLOR - Indigo

CONTROLS - Endocrine System

FOCUS - Psychic clarity and connection to source energy.

LOCATED - between the eyes at the brow

FUNCTIONS - Judgement - Intuition - Imagination - Visions - Dreams - Wisdom - Insight - Color - Light - Spirit - 6th Senses



1. Are you willing to trust yourself?
If not, why?
2. Do you trust others?
3. Are you aware of yourself?
Your needs? Your wants? Your hopes? Your dreams? Your worries? Your fears? Your faults? Your desires?
4. Are you aware of others?
5. Are you aware of your intuition?
6. Are you aligned with your intuition?
7. Are you aware what you focus on grows? LOA?
8. Are you having fun with your thoughts?
Ideas? Dreams? Beliefs?
9. Are you able to quiet your mind?
10. Do you feel a connection to your higher self/spirit/soul/source?




What have YOU eaten to help heal and nourish your Brow Chakra today?

Green Tea Leaf - Cacao - Yerba Mate - Siberian Ginseng - Chinese Ginseng - Ashwagandha - Ginger - Horseradish - Hibiscus - Rose - Rosemary - Peppercorn - Cayenne Pepper (Paprika) - Turmeric - Curries
Dark Chocolate - Red & Purple fruits and veggies - Potatoes - Radishes - Onions - Garlic - Berries - Beets - Apples - Red Grapes - Red Grapefruit - Cherries - Tomatoes - Watermelon - Red Wine


I AM aware.

I AM connected to my highest self.

I LOVE my imagination.

I SEE things clearly.

I KNOW what I focus on grows.

I TRUST my intuition.

I KNOW where I am at in life is where I am supposed to be.

I EMBRACE my visions and gifts fully.


Last stop to the top!

The Crown chakra gives us access to cosmic consciousness and higher dimensions. Truly out of this world, it is only when we think outside the box that we expand our heart, mind, body and collective soul.

Are you ready to connect with the universe?

Through meditation, concentration and attention to self, you can come into alignment with who you truly are via the crown chakra connection.

From here we integrate spirit/soul/source into our entire being. Full circle, this connection can ground us back down into an awareness of comfort and security much like the root chakra's foundational support.

You are everything...everything is you.


crown chakra



COLOR - Violet

CONTROLS - Pineal Gland
FOCUS - Connection to ALL especially Mother Earth, Source Energy, Ancestors, Angels and Guides too.
LOCATED - at the top of the head
FUNCTIONS - nervous system


How open are you on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being wide open, 1 being stranger danger?
Are you open in your relationships?
Are you open to the love and abundance the universe has to offer?
In what ways are you open? Do you put yourself out there? Do you trust other people?
Do you feel loved?
Do you feel loved by the universe?
Do you feel guided by the universe?
Do you trust yourself?
Do you trust the universe?
Do you realize your inability to trust yourself causes you not to trust the world around you?
Do you believe you are full of love and wisdom?
Are you aware what a gift this life truly is?


Dandelion Root - Green Tea Leaf - Calendula - Ginger - Horseradish - Hibiscus - Rose - Peppercorn - Cayenne Pepper (Paprika) - Coffee
Fasting is actually suggested as it is a great way to slow down an over active mind while also allowing for better connection and reflection.
Source Water that is ph balanced or alkaline. Mountain or Spring water is great!
Leafy Greens - Root Veggies