Astrology 101

learn about the Sun, Moon and all the Stars in the sky! Planets, Zodiac signs and Houses too!

Many tend to be all or nothing when it comes to astrology. The science and facts behind it are simply not enough for some, while the symbolism and connections too captivating and thrilling for others not to believe.

Understanding the planets, signs and houses can be daunting for almost anyone, no matter what you believe. Astrology has been around since mankind started to observe the sky. Nothing more than calculating the movement of the planets and stars, astrology can help us better understand our own lives and energies surfacing.

Mirroring the sky, we are merely a microcosm reflecting its infinite vastness. Look to the stars and you’ll see a map in the sky.

Meet the Team

Let's get a closer look at our home, Earth, the Sun, Moon & Rahu - Ketu.
earth tarot-size


This planet is the center of our known universe. Often referred to as Mother Earth, or Gaia, it’s a living breathing being that sustains all of life as we know it. The Earth is a grounding force, vital to our survival. Providing for us in miraculous ways, offering sustenance and support, it brings with it abundance, happiness and joy.
Represented as a full circle, the Earth card reflects completion yes, but in the most absolute form. Connected on all sides, like any circle, the Earth is round with no real ending or beginning. United and complete, like the Earth, you are complete and whole, a full package right now, everything you need contained inside you.
You have recently dug deep. Uncovering so much, you've started to achieve mastery in certain areas of your life.
Mentally and emotionally, even spiritually, you are dealing with endings leading to new hopeful beginnings.

sun tarot-size


The Sun is associated with our personality, or rather the mask we wear. However, as we step into our soul self we find purpose and power. Stripping away the ego, we can come to know our divine selves.
Filled with masculine energy, the sun also represents the sun god, Ra. This symbolically suggests power and prestige. Honor yourself by taking control of your happiness and joy. Act now on your hopes and dreams by the light of day.
Expect favors from Great Spirit, help from your angels or even the arrival of your spirit guides. Be enthusiastic about life as you step into the light with divine clarity.

moon2 tarot-size


Full of darkness and light, the moon is associated with our mood and emotions. Watery by nature, controlling the tides, depending on the phase and season the moon is found in could reveal deep inner shadow work, or reflect shallow, less intense emotional releases.
Allow the moon to illuminate your shadow as you cleanse and clear to receive from the moon womb. Related to the mother archetype and abundance, the moon suggests cycles and changes. Additionally, the idea of rebirth after darkness is also reflected here.
If you are feeling confused or disconnected, simply look to the stars and the moon. Let Luna help you tap into your unconscious. As you develop your hopes and dreams, you can work with the moon to birth or rather manifest them through the moon womb.
Focus on your visions, astral travels and spirit guides and you learn to trust your intuition.



Symbolically seen as the head of a dragon or serpent, the energy here is derived from outside our human form. From mental downloads and astral travel, to connections with our ancestors, angels and Great Spirit, the energy of Rahu is understood as a planet. However, this rogue shadow “planet” that opposes the sun and the moon, known as the north node, is actually invisible.
This “planet” brings with it energy that has been passed down and collected by us. It could even represent enemies and negativity, but ultimately, Rahu suggests free will and choice. If you do good, you will get good. However, incorporated into the mix here is a collection of past life choices and even genetic DNA influences.
It’s our job to cleanse and clear whatever cycles we can this life time to change the past and reveal a better future. Reflecting the holy spirit, this card also brings with it psychic downloads, metaphysical insight, and clairvoyant abilities, but only if you are willing to strip the ego and tap into your genetic soul code.
If this energy shows up you can go either way.
What will you do with the downloads and insight?
Will you do good, or will your ego take over and greed set in?



Much like Rahu, Ketu is a shadow “planet,” also known as the south node. Like a serpent that sheds skin, or the lizard that regenerates a tail, this energy is passed down to you and vibrationally stored within.
Rooted in the tail of our spine, this energy connects us with our ancestors, angels and guides. It also offers us clairvoyant and psychic abilities to help us uncoil and regenerate this energy for good or bad. Due to free will, it’s our choice to cleanse and clear this soul work.
Hiding negative karma that’s been genetically imprinted or picked up in the past, if this card shows up watch out for trickery, as nothing is ever as it really seems. Say NO to get rich quick schemes and watch out for con artists lurking. Nothing worth having in life comes for free energetically.
If this energy shows up you can go either way, towards the light or remain in the dark.
Health, wealth and abundance can be yours, but at what cost?
Are your actions filled with integrity?
Are you leading a noble life, or are you hiding in the shadows?
Make sure your motives are pure if you want to make the most of the gifts you’ve been given.

Control Yoself!

Let's get a closer look at Mercury, Venus and Mars.
mercury tarot-size


Known as the “I think” planet, the energy of Mercury is centered around our downloads, thoughts or ideas and how we communicate them. Both written and verbal self-expression is governed here.
Mercury does not reflect one’s intelligence. Rather, it represents mental interests, thought formation and the ability to explain what one thinks about. Much like teachers being well versed on a particular subject, our minds are geared towards various areas of interest or vocation. Everyone has a unique and divine intelligence to be shared with the world.
If Mercury shows up you could be processing thoughts, sharing your ideas or even downloading new thoughts and ideas from your ancestors, angels and guides. Remember to use your thoughts wisely, for they cultivate the seeds you plant and ultimately the action you take.
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your thoughts have real power, and the words you speak and write influence the world around you. Be aware of what you are mentally constructing. Use logic and heart to power through.

venus1 tarot-size


Known as the “I love” planet, Venus suggests cosmic attraction. Governing all kinds of unions, from platonic partnerships, like family and friends, to engagements with complete strangers that divinely cross our paths, this planet works off our magnetism. Connecting us with a frequency that matches our own, its focus is on more intimate unions too, between the heart, mind, body and soul.
Named after the Roman goddess of fertility, this planet further represents creations, or rather what we choose to co-create from the heart. It also suggests what we are drawn to and find beautiful.
Sexual attraction and desire is also reflected here, even our relationship with wealth and abundance. Directly related to our self-worth and beliefs though, blocks and fears could disrupt the flow of love, health and even wealth.
If Venus shows up it’s time to examine what you’re attracted to and why.
What kind of unions are you attracting?
Who and what do you find beautiful?
Do you feel worthy of these unions?
Do you deserve better, or are you settling?

mars tarot-size


Known as the “I act” planet, the energy of Mars deals with our personal motivation and drive. Named after the Roman god of war, the Mars card can often suggest conflict, leading to anger and even rage. If this is the case you need to channel your energy in healthy and productive ways. Exercise, sex, and a good pita detox could help you purge any stored-up energy that needs to be released properly.
Additionally, if Mars shows up, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:
What motivates you?
How is your stamina?
Do you feel strong and confident?
If you feel prepared, it’s probably go time! Take the initiative and act now on your hopes and dreams.

Blast off with

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus!
jupiter tarot-size


Known as the “I grow” planet, Jupiter brings with it energy never set in stone. Associated with the idea of luck, or karma, the influence here is passed down through genetic codes and collected by us in past lives as well as this life time. Ultimately, it’s up to us what we do with the life we’ve been handed.
Our spirit center, or rather the idea of religion and our belief systems are also suggested here. Once again, it’s up to us to grow and expand mentally and spiritually. We are responsible for removing the mental and physical blocks that hold us back. The world wants to expand through us. Through our thoughts, words and actions we can truly create magic.
You can consciously co-create and be a part of the expansion or you can remain the victim. Either way, karma will always be served, and the world will always turn. Spirit is in the business of set ups, not setbacks. You are being triggered for activation and change. Drag your feet or surrender to this truth, it’s ultimately up to you.
If Jupiter shows up it’s time to power up and get ready for growth. It’s often harder and more painful to fail than it is to try.
Will you take a stand and willingly expand?

saturn tarot-size


Known as the “I achieve” planet, Saturn pays attention to our hopes and dreams. Like a nagging father, the energy of this planet is pushing us to do more and be more. Reflecting our ambition too, Saturn is going to push us through uncomfortable blocks holding us back, whether we like it or not.
With a focus on challenges to shift your soul into alignment, the energy of this planet could manifest in various ways. From hold ups and shake ups, to limitations and restrictions, Saturn is urging you to power up and push through. You need to make a game plan and stick to it. If you want to grow up, or align your soul, you’ve got to show up and do more. The power is in your hands to achieve greatness.
If Saturn shows up, you’re being tested.
How bad do you want it?
Will you power up and make a plan?

uranus tarot-size


Know as the “I evolve” planet, Uranus deals with the “egolution” of the soul. Rather far from Earth, it’s very slow moving and deals with generational energy that connects many souls and their collective mission. Stripping us of our egos though, the energy here develops within us a sense of individuality and our unique gifts.
As we evolve the ego and reveal the collective soul, we can step into greater power, purpose and potential. The world needs us to step away from the norm and go against the grain. Bringing with it a chance to take a stand and make changes in the world for the better, Uranus wants the most authentic versions of us to be revealed to heal humanity.
Giving us freedom to be who we are and act accordingly, self-expression is further reflected here. Fighting against the status quo and patriarchally ideas of power and structure, we can collectively stand up and out in our own ways.
If Uranus shows up your integrity is being checked.
Are you ready to experience freedom being true to yourself?
Will you stand up for yourself and enable others to do the same?
Are you willing to step away from tradition and do things a new way?

Dive deep with

Neptune and Pluto.

neptune tarot-size


Known as the “I dream” planet, Neptune is full of inspiration and exploration. Let your imagination run as deep as the blue sea but do be mindful the depths your soul can and will go. This planet brings with it mystery and confusion if your mind isn’t right. Altered states, deception and even addiction can also be suggested here.
Don’t get lost at sea, dreaming for others, or for your ego. Step into your soul self and bring your dreams and visions to life authentically.
If Neptune shows up it’s time to examine your dreams.
Are you using your thoughts wisely to cultivate seeds of intention that will manifest before your eyes?
Are you abusing drugs or alcohol to escape reality and suppress your thoughts?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Are your dreams bothering you? Can you remember them?
You might even want to start a dream journal.

pluto tarot-size


Known as the “I empower” planet, Pluto is often associated with powerful transformation. With a focus on lack, or rather our vulnerabilities, it encourages us to power up through working on our weaknesses. With determination we can create more confidence and strength in these areas.
Named after the Roman god of the underworld, Pluto also brings with it a darker tone that suggests fears, challenges and even worse, shame. However, if we balance what we can in our lives, and try to create power from within, right our wrongs and really try, we can overcome any obstacles that hold us back.
If Pluto shows up transformation is for certain.
Think about your life, where do you feel vulnerable and weak?
Where do you lack power?
Where do you need to make changes?
Are you resisting?


The Houses

The energy and symbolism of numbers dates back thousands of years. All numbers, 0-10, and those reduced (for example, 43 reduced: 4+3=7), have a certain power they carry with them. Numbers doubled (33, 4444) have more intensity to their energy. The symbolism each number carries is related to its ancient shape and overall universal meaning. As with all parts of life in the known world though, numbers also have a relationship with our natural and spiritual worlds. Numbers are a divine tool and in divination they are often used to give additional energy or timing to card readings.


The first three houses are all about you! From your personality to the way you think & share, houses 1-3 are foundational. Cultivating self awareness, personal resources & communicating your needs will be absolutely necessary for integrating the next 3 houses.
1 tarot-size


The 1ST House deals with our overall appearance, health and wellness. It also reflects our personal image, drive and self-expression through our awareness and perception. With a focus on the start, this house is centered around our birth story and how we initiate things in our own lives.

Ruled by Aries – Fire

#1: It’s time to act! The number one symbolizes the start, the sun, the face and the soul. Representing our identity, it also deals with our mindset, persona and ultimately our reality.
Finally, aware of yourself, now you can plant seeds full of intention to manifest the life of your dreams.
This is the beginning of something new and it is time for you to lead again. Be innovative and creative as you feel inspired. Be unique yet remain authentic and true to yourself. Focus on the potential.
Are you ready to act?

2 tarot-size


The 2nd House deals with our self-worth, resources and abundance. With a focus on financial flow, it reflects karmic returns, possessions and what we value. It also calls attention to our personal power, truth and skill sets.

Ruled by Taurus – Earth

#2: With harmony and cooperation, two is the coming together of one and one. Unions are full of duality and polarity. By choice though, it takes work to create this kind of alchemy. The number two represents a need for balance. With continued effort and lots of give and take, you can make it work.
Blending two people, things or ideas requires adaptability, understanding and mutual respect. Meditate on your partnerships of all kinds.
How can you create more harmony and balance in your unions?

3 tarot-size


The 3rd House deals with our original learning environment, ultimately shaping the way we think and communicate. With a focus on the family, (siblings and cousins too), this house also brings up a sense of unity. Reflecting DNA, it also brings with it the energy of our ancestors and mental downloads.

Ruled by Gemini – Air

#3: Three is a powerful number that deals with creation and abundance. With the right imagination, one can see it's a joyful and artistic number encouraging us to build up our creative sides.
The number three urges you to do more and be more. Unite both halves of your brain--the logical thinking one and the aloof day dreaming one and merge them to produce something truly magical.
Also representing the holy trinity of body, mind and soul, the number three reflects our past, present and future. Signifying love, source energy and potential, the number three is ready to be expressed through you.
What kind of magic are you ready to successfully co-create with great spirit?


The next three houses are all about how you connect with the world around you. Do you feel nurtured & supported? Are you aware of your gifts? Do you share them with others? Are you able to balance time for yourself & for others?


The 4th House deals with our foundation and upbringing. With a focus on our genes, it could even suggest womb wounds. All about our inner world though, the energy here reflects our sense of security and comfort.

Ruled by Cancer – Water

#4: The number four represents practical strength, bringing with it organization, discipline and stability. Much like four legs to a chair or four walls to a house, the number four suggests support and structure.
We are divinely protected. Mother Earth and Father Time watch over us; however, we must also find ways to create our own security. Don’t get too comfortable that you fear change. Refusing to grow outside of your comfort zone is self-sabotaging and very limiting.
Also associated with our heart chakra, the number four asks us to balance and ground down. Center your energy as you feel the love.
Do you feel confident and secure enough to spread your wings and fly?

5 tarot-size


The 5th House deals with our creative self-expressions from the heart. Centered around love and romance, its focus is on birthing pleasure and joy, even children. Also, reflecting our socially active side, this houses energy is outgoing, fun and playful.

Ruled by Leo – Fire

#5: The number five represents a challenge or an imbalance of sorts. There's a possible shake up on the way, but this creates potential for healthy growth. Find the courage within and be flexible enough to welcome change.
Leave room in your plans to improvise. Remember, it's all part of the master plan as you trust and go with the flow. Challenges come our way to help us expand. Again, it's all part of the plan.
Practice shaking things up a bit on your own and let them fall where they may. Let go of the need to control any outcomes.
Do you feel strong enough to walk through the fire and face your fear of change?

6 tarot-size


The 6th House deals with our thoughts on health and wellness. Centered around our routine, it’s focused on personal development. With a sense of duty and service to others though, it also suggests our skill set and potential career choices.

Ruled by Virgo – Earth

#6: Full of balance and harmony, the number six brings with it equality, happiness and joy for all. A loving and generous number too, six represents success due to hard work and continued effort.
With a commitment to service, the number six also suggests compassion for others as we ascend to the number seven which symbolizes the crown chakra and our interconnectedness to all. Relax and enjoy the harmony you have co-created for yourself.
Are you ready to shake things up and start manifesting more for yourself and others?

"Your Perception of Me is a Reflection of You."

Houses 7-9 reflect your connection with other people or rather your judgement or awareness of them. The more you understand yourself, the more your perspective will shift enhancing your perception of others, especially in your more intimate unions with partners & lovers as you explore your world together.
7 tarot-size


The 7th House deals with our soul’s contracts and unions for growth. These partnerships could be with family, friends, lovers or even strangers. With a focus on magnetism, these relationships mirror our energy and frequency. Remember you are the company you keep and your vibe attracts your tribe.

Ruled by Libra – Air

#7: It’s time to tap into your higher self. The number seven is associated with harmony and balance created through knowing and understanding that our connection to source energy is real.
The number seven deals with energies beyond our control but within our reach. Related to the crown chakra, it is a spiritually divine number full of wisdom and power.
The number seven suggests we look within to find the answers we seek. Our being is a combination of thoughts and actions; however, it is the space in-between thought and action that we find the answers. In these moments of stillness, we are directly linked to source energy.
Many are too busy to reside in this stillness; thus, inner attunement is seldom achieved. When life gets out of control simply be still and you will know.
Are you ready to look within and be your own guru.

8 tarot-size


The 8th House deals with cycles of death and rebirth. It’s a mysterious house with a focus on passed down karma from past lives and our ancestors. The energy here could be good or bad; however, it’s how we handle these outside influences that shape us and our future. We’ve got to create what we can with what we’ve been given.

Ruled by Scorpio – Water

#8: It’s time you graciously receive so that you may give.
Eight is an abundant number. Beyond money, it reflects generosity, love, resources and time. Like everything in life, its energy is vibrational, and if you get on the right frequency you can create increasingly more for yourself.
Dealing with give and take, the number eight further suggests there needs to be balance between how we give and receive. Giving is only one part of the manifesting equation. Those that continuously give and have trouble receiving are energetically pushing away abundance. Those that have, yet keep it all, and never share are blocking additional abundance.
Are you opening to receive so that you may give more freely?

9 tarot-size


The 9th House deals with our higher self and universal law. With a focus on our spiritual truth, it’s centered around religion, education, mental exploration and even astral travel. This house connects us with the wisdom of source energy creating multi-dimensional expansion.

Ruled by Sagittarius – Fire

#9: You have certainly accomplished a lot, but it's time to really bring your vision to life. Just make sure it's in line with your higher self. It’s time to look back over your achievements. The number nine deals with community, endings and universal love.
When nine shows up in our life, it's time to examine the past and prepare for the future. Do you feel secure? Do you have enough? Are you able to share with others?
Representing completion, nine is the last number of the first cycle of numbers 1-9, so this card could be noting the end of a phase in your life. Congratulations though, as you have turned hardship into elevation further ascending your soul’s being.
Additionally, suggesting universal love, nine could also reflect the need for sacred sisterhood/brotherhood or a sense of community.
Will you rise up and reach out to connect with others in your time of need or theirs?

Just Livin' My Best Life!

The last three houses merge who you are with who you're destined to become. Centered around career, status & society, these houses are all about living in alignment with who you truly are as achieve your hopes & dreams for the whole world to see.

10 tarot-size


The 10th House deals with our purpose, path and career due to our personal powers and unique strengths. Focused on our public image, or role in society, it further reflects our ambition and drive.

Additionally, this house is centered around expectations, goals and achievements that are influenced by the patriarch, our parents and/or father figures.

Ruled by Capricorn – Earth
11 tarot-size


The 11th House deals with our self-projections and the mark or legacy we leave behind. Centered around our collective hopes, dreams and energy, there is a focus on friends and community. It also reflects our identity and energy outside humanity.

Ruled by Aquarius – Air
12 tarot-size


The 12th House deals with the deep and dark deconstruction of the soul. With a focus on the past, it stirs up secrets and fears that need to be revealed, cleansed or cleared. By design we have been prepared to handle this isolating work. Centered around the idea of “soulitude,” it is only through looking within that we can reconstruct the dream, forever changing our soul’s destiny.

Ruled by Pisces – Water